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Install Swift 3: Ubuntu

Installing Swift 3 on Ubuntu only takes a couple of minutes.


Don't want to type? Run the following script to quickly install Swift 3.0.

curl -sL swift.vapor.sh/ubuntu | bash

Note: The install script adds Swift to your ~/.bashrc profile automatically.



Depending on your version of Ubuntu, you may need some additional tools for the compiler. We'll err on the safe side and install everything you should need

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clang libicu-dev binutils git libpython2.7-dev libcurl3


Download the Swift 3 toolchain for your Ubuntu version.

# Ubuntu 14.04
wget https://swift.org/builds/swift-3.0-release/ubuntu1404/swift-3.0-RELEASE/swift-3.0-RELEASE-ubuntu14.04.tar.gz

# Ubuntu 15.10
wget https://swift.org/builds/swift-3.0-release/ubuntu1510/swift-3.0-RELEASE/swift-3.0-RELEASE-ubuntu15.10.tar.gz


After Swift 3 has downloaded, decompress it.

# Ubuntu 14.04
tar zxf swift-3.0-RELEASE-ubuntu14.04.tar.gz

# Ubuntu 15.10
tar zxf swift-3.0-RELEASE-ubuntu15.10.tar.gz


Move Swift 3.0 to a safe, permanent place on your computer. We'll use /swift-3.0, but feel free to choose wherever you like.

# Ubuntu 14.04
mv swift-3.0-RELEASE-ubuntu14.04 /swift-3.0

# Ubuntu 15.10
mv swift-3.0-RELEASE-ubuntu15.10 /swift-3.0

Note: You may need to use sudo.


Edit your bash profile using your text editor of choice.

vim ~/.bashrc

Add the following line:

export PATH=/swift-3.0/usr/bin:"${PATH}"

Note: If you moved Swift 3.0 to a folder other than /swift-3.0, your path will be different.


Double check the installation was successful by running:

curl -sL check.vapor.sh | bash


You can now move on to Install Toolbox


Check out Swift.org's extensive guides if you need more detailed instructions for installing Swift 3.0.