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Install Toolbox

Vapor's command line interface provides shortcuts and assistance for common tasks.

Vapor Toolbox

If you do not want to install the Toolbox, checkout the Manual quickstart.


Run the following script to install the Toolbox.

curl -sL toolbox.vapor.sh | bash

Note: You must have the correct version of Swift 3 installed.


Make sure the Toolbox installed successfully by running the help query. You should see a print out of the available commands. You can run the --help option on any Toolbox command.

vapor --help

Create A Project

Now that you have installed the Toolbox, you can create your first Vapor project following the Hello, World guide.


The toolbox can update itself. This may be useful if you experience any issues in the future.

vapor self update


The toolbox can create a project from the Vapor basic-template or any other git repo.

vapor new <name> [--template=<repo-url-or-github-path>]

The toolbox will build an absolute URL based on what you pass as the template option. If you do not specify a template option, the project will be built from the Vapor basic-template.

Default(no template option specified) => https://github.com/vapor/basic-template
http(s)://example.com/repo-path => http(s)://example.com/repo-path
user/repo => https://github.com/user/repo
light => https://github.com/vapor/light-template