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Using Multiple Modules For Testing

Testing a Vapor app gets tricky, and requires some maneuvering of your app targets.

[WARNING] Technically this is only necessary if you plan to run your tests on Linux. You can keep your tests in the same module if you want to only run your tests from the command line using vapor test

Step 1: Update Package.swift

To start, you need to split up your Vapor project into a target called App, and a target called AppLogic. The App module will only include a main.swift, and your AppLogic will contain the actual logic for the app.

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: “ProjectName”,
    targets: [
        Target(name: "App", dependencies: ["AppLogic"])
    dependencies: [
        .Package(url: "https://github.com/vapor/vapor.git", majorVersion: 1, minor: 3)
    exclude: [

Step 2: Update Tests Folder

Make sure that your tests folder has a file called LinuxMain.swift and a folder called AppLogicTests. In your AppLogicTests, you can add your testing files like UserTests.swift.

As always, make sure that you regenerate with vapor xcode -y